Friday, July 29, 2011

StarDanceSwan Fairy Ball On Paseo
Children dressed as bugs, blossoms, faires, elves and all manner of enchantment
dance at last years Fairy Ball on Paseo. Photo by Skip Largent

How shall we beguile the lazy Summer if not with some delight? StarDanceSwan is offering the tenth annual Fairy Ball on the Paseo for children of all ages.  An event full of musical wonder and dance the ball will be held on  Saturday, August 6 from to  Parents, Grandparents, and Friends are welcome, and Everyone enjoys spending this delightful Summer whimsy together with children.
The Fairy Ball is a dress up event engaging children in a favorite pastime, that of making believe. Children are invited to come to the Ball dressed as a character from an enchanted garden.  The fun for families begins at home before the Fairy Ball as children and their parents create costumes to wear to the Ball.  At past Fairy Balls, children have dressed up as bugs, blossoms, elves, gremlins, fairies and magical characters of their imaginations.
"Children fully participate in bringing this Summer evening to life," says, Lorrie Keller director of Theatre Upon a StarDanceSwan who are the designers of this event.  "Young active imaginations are the true ingredient that lights up the Ball.  Right now, as StarDanceSwan is preparing for the Ball , we are creating a time and place where children can capture the magic of color, music and dance. "
Once children arrive at the Fairy Ball they can add finishing touches to their costumes with flowers and things that fly in the wind as they dance.  At dusk shimmering music by Steve McLinn, OJAS, and the Star Dance Swan Fairies invite children to dance in their own creative ways.  McLinn describes his concert as "electrical acoustical fusion magical music.”  He is including songs he has composed for StarDanceSwan from past years and new works created just for this Fairy Ball.  StarDanceSwan fancies a surprise for the ball that encourages everyone to spin in dreamy light and listen to the sounds of summer.
Fairies can also be discovered on Paseo during the First Friday Paseo walk on August 5. Paseo Art Space is hosting an art show that includes fairy photography by Stacy Lopez from to   If unable to attend the opening, Art Space will be open from to on August 6 and throughout the month of August.  Stacy will be at the Ball to help with Fairy transformations.
The location of this years Fairy Ball is on the Fairy Green at Dewey and 28th, just west of the Paseo Grill.  The Fairy Ball begins at with Flower Magic. At the dance begins with a performance by StarDanceSwan.  Following the performance children, parents and friends join the dancing until .  Free to the public, this event is supported by the Paseo Arts Association and Theatre Upon a StarDanceSwan. Children must be accompanied by an adult.  For information contact the Paseo Arts Association at 525-2688,
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