Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Compiled by Nancy Condit

Note that on March 21 the dance and music group Grupo Afro-Caribeno -- Afro-rooted
music and dance, will perform.
Below are links for future artists to sign up.  If the copy and pasted links don't work,
they came from the Arts Council of Oklahoma City website under Art Moves.  If you
want a larger image, go to and click on the schedule.

MARCH 2012 Schedule
Check out our EVENTS CALENDAR for most up-to-date schedule & additional info (including maps and links to each day's artist)!
** SCHEDULE NOTE: Second event added on Tuesday, March 20th : Acollective, indie-folk band from Israel @ Myriad Gardens main band shell **

Art Moves, Presented by Devon, is a new Arts Council initiative that provides free lunchtime arts events to the downtown OKC area. Monday through Friday during the Noon hour, you can find Art Moves at the Downtown Library, the OKC Museum of Art, the newly-renovated Myriad Gardens, or a host of other partnering locations.
Programming consists of performances (music, theatre, and dance), artist demonstrations, short film selections, and artist/curator discussions. We seek to showcase local artists and partner with our member agencies. Through this daily program, artists are given a unique opportunity to increase the awareness of art to a larger audience while gaining exposure of their work.
The one-hour program runs Monday through Friday, Noon – 1:00pm, and started in October of 2011. For more information, please contact Angela Hodgkinson, Art Moves Director, at 270-4892 or
If you're an artist or performer and want to apply for Art Moves, Presented by Devon, click here to download the form.

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