Friday, June 1, 2012

TONIGHT -- Review

Satori begins tonight.  Photo by Peter Dolese

By Nancy Condit

Perpetual Motion’s tenth anniversary spring concert, “Satori: A Moment of Realization,” opens tonight after a highly enjoyable dress rehearsal Thursday night at the Plaza Theater.  Performances will be June 1st and 2nd at

“Kyballion,” choreographed by Rebecca Borden, with music by Murcof, was a thoroughly satisfying modern dance, including elements from Martha Graham and Alvin Ailey with differently paced dancers and groups of dancers sharing the stage – almost a point counterpoint element of contemporary dance that it is joyous to see.

The aerial work “Zazen,” choreographed by Kim Kieffer-Williams, with music by Bonobo, showed that dancers could interact even though they were suspended in four separate silk slings from a square form.  Upside down they held hands, and, at the dance’s end, hung by their hands from the metal apparatus, with their feet sharing each others’ slings, creating a circle of splits as the carousel kept spinning.  Truly dangerous, from this reviewer’s viewpoint, but also inspiring to watch.  What can be done with reasonable safety to create a dance in the air?

Perpetual Motion really pushes the limits with aerial dance.

In “Ink,” choreographed by Stephanie Letendre to music by the Peace Orchestra, four members of the company explored what can be done on two ladders, even crossing from one to another to “display the heedless and deceitful attitude toward others in the pursuit of selfish gain” -- from the program.

“Passing Through,” choreographed by artistic director and dancer Michelle Dexter to music by Radiohead, opened with six dancers with knees under their crouched bodies, backsides facing the audience, rolling at a measured rate into the wings.  The piece was sensual and energetic, with Amy Nevius being particularly fluid.

The first half of the program is about “seeing into one’s own nature.”  The second half concentrates on “And when we find our breath, we open our hearts and let the warm wind sweep through.   It is at this point we begin our journey...”
Tickets are $18 for adults, and $10 for seniors and students.  They are available at until 5 P.M. the day of the performance -- you may need to cut and paste, and at the door before the performance.
Dancers performing were :  Emily Dawson, Maria Krey, Kim Kieffer-Williams, Stephanie Letendre, Amy Nevius, Leah Watson. Yukari Yoshioka, and guest Katie Bowles, with the junior company PM2: Quincy Allen, Lauren Carter, Alexis Elrod, Taylor Norman, and Christy Strauss.


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