Monday, October 29, 2012


N. Scott Momaday to speak at OCU. Photo provided.

 Oklahoma City University will host Pulitzer Prize-winning poet and storyteller N. Scott Momaday in a presentation at 7 p.m., Tuesday Oct. 30 in the Meinders School of Business at N.W. 27th Street and McKinley Avenue. The presentation is free to the public.
For Oklahoma City University’s presentation, Momaday will read from his most beloved works and sign books after the event. Books will be available for purchase.
The event will open with a preview of a documentary by Momaday’s daughter, Jill Momaday.
Momaday received the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 1969 for his novel, “House Made of Dawn.” He is best known for his poetry and storytelling abilities. He is also an accomplished playwright, painter and drawer.
“Scott Momaday is at least a quintuple threat. He is a novelist, an artist, a lyric oralist, a historian and above all, a poet,” OCU President Robert Henry said. “He is a man of several worlds, worlds of the Kiowas of his birth and blood, the Navajos and Pueblos of his youth, the classical writers and contemporary scholars of his university days at Stanford and at the worlds where he has taught: Moscow, Siberia, France, Italy and others.”
Momaday is the founder and chairman of The Buffalo Trust, a nonprofit foundation supporting the efforts of indigenous communities to preserve and perpetuate their cultural identity. He was awarded the Presidential National Medal of Arts in 2007.
For more information, call (405) 208-5290 or (405) 208-5898.
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