Tuesday, April 16, 2013

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Back to highlighting RACE Leadership. Everyone, take a minute to read a little tidbit about John, the director of Men of Race!

Family: Malaya(Daughter) Lexi, Kylie, Elayna (Nieces)
Ariel (Dad),Carol (Mom), John Carl (Eldest), John Maio (Youngest Bro), Marielle (Sister).

... Your job outside of Race Dance Company: FedEx Courier

How did you get involved with Race Dance Company? While working at FedEx, I met a lady that introduced me to Amy Reed who then introduced me to my adopted sis Hui Cha Poos (Race artistic director).

What is your role as Race Leadership? Leadership/ Men Of Race Director

Describe your favorite moment on the job (talking about Race): Watching the development of Hip Hop Nutcracker from it seeming like an idea for a few years to actually making it happen to what seemed like last minute. For it to be such a success is pretty incredible!
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