Tuesday, June 4, 2013


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"Take a look at our culture through the eyes of acceptance," invites

Rapper Jabee, photo provided
members of Race Dance Company, Men of Race and Jr. Race
as they perform "Race-Less," with special musical guest Jabee. In their final concert
of the season, dancers mix contemporary, jazz, hip hop and music theatre
for an entertaining evening of thought provoking fun.

Race is the only professional jazz dance company in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma City Rapper Jabee will open the show with a performance, sharing
his story and where he came from.

"Join us as we spread messages of anti-bullying, karmic energy,
individuality without prejudice and self-acceptance on June 7th and 8th at
7:30 p.m. at Bishop McGuinness High School," writes co-director Hui Cha-Poos.
Tickets can be purchased online at racedance.com or at the door: $15 for adults,
$10 for students and $8 for children five and under.  Online tickets are $12.

 About Race Dance Company

Race Dance Company was created by Hui Cha-Poos in 2008 with 6 original
members and has grown to 40 dancers. Over the years, Race Dance Company
produced and participated in over 50 performances throughout the city. In
2010, the company was selected as one of the Gazette’s top 5 performance
companies in Oklahoma.  In 2011, they received the Great Inspirations Award
from Creative Oklahoma. Race as an acronym stands for Radical Application
of Creative Energy and is Oklahoma’s first professional Jazz/Hip
Hop/Contemporary Company.  In 2011, Race became an official 501(c)(3)
Non-Profit Organization.
Director and Producer: Hui Cha Poos

Choreographers: Hui Cha Poos, Kim Loveridge, John Ariete, Jennifer
Martinez Stevenson, Tasha Hinex, Brandi Kelley  Guest
Choreographers:Jeremy Duvall, Christina Woodard, KiKi Lucas, Brian

Race Dancers: Sarah Henry, Audrey Johnston, Amanda Beard, Melissa Sluice,
Allison High, Katelyn Perkins, Chanel Roland, Sheri Hayden, Brandi Kelley,
Gina Yannarell, Jamie Crone, Ashley Brown, Sami Kropp, LaKeysta Tipton,
Tasha Hinex (Dance Captain), Hui Cha Poos and Jennifer Stephenson Directors.

Men of Race Dancers: Brandon Graves, Zachary Aman, Bryan Beaver, James
Mayfield, Dominick Brown, Stephen Wafer, Jeremiah Walton, Shandrick
Griffin, Esteban Munoz, Christopher Shepard, Eugene Smith, John Ariete

Junior Race Dancers: Jenni Rader, Genna Ille, Rachel Runnels, Taylor
Foster, Sam Weaver, Adriana Castillo, Kellie Lail, Mercedes Cossett,
Natrina Glover, Jordan Siress, Kylee Ford, Nancy Rance, Kyera Franklin,
Allison Cole, Danielle Nickell, *Kim Loveridge and Emily South Director.

*Special Guest:  Jabee *


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