Saturday, November 23, 2013


Race Dance Company and Local High Schools to Perform
Hip Hop Nutcracker at Bishop McGuinness High School
Tickets available at or before showtime on
 Friday, December 6th or Saturday, December 7th at 7:30pm

Dancers with Race Dance Company have joined forces with local Oklahoma City Public High School dance programs, for the return of Oklahoma City's Hip Hop Nutcracker performance on December 6 and 7 at Bishop McGuinness High School. The performance is similar to the classic Nutcracker but with even more impressive twists & flips. The Hip Hop Nutcracker (HNN) has updated its original music by Bennix, a new story line, and even more styles of Hip Hop. This performance will be centered in an urban setting, with real world issues. 
The Hip Hop Nutcracker is an inspiring story about a young man who seeks to find a missing piece in his life, but discovers it already exists within himself.  The story is about perseverance, family and the holiday spirit. The audience once again joins Carlos on his journey to follow his heart and find himself.

The Hip Hop Nutcracker returns this Christmas season, in what continues to be a new family tradition for the Oklahoma City community.

Dancers of Race Dance mentor students from dance programs at Millwood High School, Capitol Hill High School, Northwest Classen High School, Putnam City West, U.S. Grant, and Putnam City North High School to prepare for this performance.

About Race Dance Company
Race Dance was created by Hui Cha Poos in 2008. Over the years, Race Dance Company has produced and participated in over 50 performances throughout the city. In 2010, the company was selected as one of the Gazette’s top 5 performance companies in Oklahoma.  In 2011, they received the Great Inspirations Award from Creative Oklahoma. Race is the abbreviation for Radical Application of Creative Energy and is Oklahoma’s first professional Jazz/Hip Hop/Contemporary Company.  In 2011, Race became an official 501(c) (3) Non-Profit Organization.  In the 2012-2013 season, Race performed for the Oklahoma City Philharmonic, Dance United Benefit Show, Oklahoma Contemporary Dance Festival, OKC or Oklahoma City Arts Festival, Arts Moves, World Neighbors Association, Dancers Against Cancer, Oklahoma Gazette Halloween Parade, Creativity Forum, Multicultural Festival, Better Block OKC, Choctaw Extreme Leadership Summit, as well as its original shows Circle, E-race, Amazing Race, Race-Ed, Hip Hop Nutcracker, Racey and Raceless.                                   

Director and Producer of HHN: Hui Cha Poos
Music for HHN:  Original compositions by Bennix of The Academy of Contemporary Music at the University of Central Oklahoma
Race Dancers:  Allison High, Christine Soileau, Sheri Hayden, Ashley Brown, Melissa Sluice, Amanda Williams, Emma Clarke, Amanda Beard, Chanel Roland, Tasha Hinex, Sarah Henry, Katelyn Perkins, Audrey Johnston
Men of Race: Dominick Brown, Giangelo Peterson, Shandrick Griffin, James Mayfield, Stephen Wafer, Christopher Lester, Asarra Smith, Jeremiah Walton, Zachary Aman, Bryan Beaver, Bg Graves, Christopher Shepard
Jr. Race:  Abbigail Baird, Amity Bevard, Lacy Allstat, Charee Haron, Allie Peterson, Danielle Nickell, Jasmine Fuentes, Monica Blackwell, Cara Clear, Stormi Luney, Alex Jury, Stephanie Dudley, Shelby Bailey, Jesus Martinez, Ana Dominguez, Josie Hodges, Sophie Thiebaut, Madison Crider, Torre Randel, Raven Luehring, Chloe Stevenson, Nancy Rance, Abbigail Baird, Samantha Weaver, Genna Ille, Taylor Foster, Tristan Brewer, Nathaniel Tylor, Billy Fallon

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