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Bishop-McGuinness High School
Tickets available at
 or before the show on
 Friday, June19th and Saturday, June 20th at 7:30pm

Dancers of RACE Dance Company and Men of Race have come together for their final concert of season 6. 

Look around you right now…. Can you tell what is happening? Can you hear it, see it or feel it?
There is a potential for power in each of us no matter who we are.  This power or ability to make things happen is called energy. It’s what makes everything possible.  Whether it is kinetic, potential, sound, or electric; energy is transferred through us and between us at all times.  More importantly, it has the power to transform us. 
More than 12 different choreographers from Oklahoma, Los Angeles, and New York have choreographed original works that investigate a variety of energies through movement.  They are unique works that vary in tempo, story, and genre according to each person’s experience with and perspective of energy. The dance styles include jazz, hip hop and contemporary.
“Energy is never created or destroyed. We are an exquisite collection of trillions of vibrating particles engaged in an intricate dance of energy!”  ~ Anonymous

About RACE Dance Company
RACE Dance Company was just an idea set in motion by Hui Cha-Poos in 2008. Over the years, the company became established and has produced and participated in over 50 performances throughout the city. In 2010, the company was selected as one of the Gazette’s top 5 performance companies in Oklahoma.  In 2011, they received the Great Inspirations Award from Creative Oklahoma. RACE as an acronym stands for Radical Application of Creative Energy and is Oklahoma’s first professional Jazz/Hip Hop/Contemporary Company.  In 2011, Race became an official 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization.  They have performed in many venues, festivals, performances and ceremonies and continue to bring dance to a new level of professionalism in Oklahoma.

Executive Director: Hui Cha Poos
Creative Director and Producer of ENERGY: Emily South
Leadership: Hui Cha Poos, Emily South, LaKeysta Goree, Brandi Kelley, Tasha Hinex, John Ariete
Choreographers: Hui Cha Poos, Emily South, John Ariete, Jennifer Martinez Conaughty, Tasha Hinex, Brandi Kelley, Willis Johnston, Jessica Jenkins
Guest Choreographers: Adam Acosta, Shayna Acosta, Will Johnston, Michelle Rambo.
Race Dancers: Sarah Smith Fugett, Brooke Nagy, Audrey Johnston, Amanda Beard, Melissa Sluice, Allison High, Elizabeth Van Horn, Amanda Williams, Sheri Hayden, Cameela Pennington, Tiffany Lemmings, Shaina Wilkins, Taylor Orebaugh, Mariah Moore, Tasha Hinex.

Men of Race Dancers: John Ariete , Brandon (Bg) Graves, Stephen Wafer, Jeremiah Walton,  Christopher Shepard, Jesus Martinez, Lucio Martinez, Austin Nievus,
Junior Race Dancers: Gerardo Avalos, Dominick Brown, Ontario Byrd, Jamie Godinez, Emily Hernandez, Gavin Hounslow, Abigail Idleman, Alfredo Martinez, Parker Millspaugh, Danielle Nickell, Holly O'Neal, Rigo Orozco, Allie Peterson, Alannah Templon, Victor Valdez, Samantha Weaver.

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