Thursday, February 16, 2017


‘Nightingale’ coffee is also on sale at Forward Foods (2001 W Main Street in Norman,) or directly from Leap Coffee at 44 NE 51st Street.  Leap is open Wed-Thu-Fri from 9:00 to 3:00, or Monday and Tuesday by appointment.  602-5800.  And the truth can now be told:  it’s Oaxacan mixed with Sumatran in a darker-than-medium roast.
In town, especially Downtown:  Thursday, February 16th is Noon Tunes at the Downtown Library (300 Park Avenue) and the next day, Friday, February 17th, Art Moves.  This time in a new place: the 21c Museum Hotel at 900 W Main Street. Both of these engagements run from Noon to One.  
Looking ahead, we’ll be at Full Circle on Saturday, March 4th.  The Quartet will join us at the Jazz Lab on Saturday, March 11th. 
And Friday - Saturday, March 17th & 18th:  Joni Mitchell Nights at the Blue Door!  

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