Friday, April 28, 2017


Courtesy of Hartel Dance Group


The Hartel Dance Group of Oklahoma City brings its interactive, multi-media dance experience to OK Contemporary April 28 - 29, at 8 pm. The performance will feature local and international dancers and musicians. This marks the 10th season for The Hartel Dance Group.

“We want to break through the ‘4th Wall’,” Hartel says, referring to the invisible wall between audience and performers on stage. “We want to actively engage the audience to participate in an experience, not just as passive observers, but as co-collaborators in the performance.”
The Hartel Dance Group is known for its often playful and whimsical performances. It is clear, however, even to an amateur viewer that the performances are technically virtuosic in their physicality. Hartel’s movements both challenge and celebrate the laws of physics as dancers perform acrobatics that illuminate the beauty of balance, strength in constructing human sculptures, the danger of speed on stage, as well as the mechanisms of human nature that unite us as “human after all.”

Hartel’s “Human After All” performance features live music composed by Aaron Robinson and performed by the band Medicine Brother. Daring audience members are invited on stage to participate in the performance while other audience members are invited to live-stream the experience by cell phone. Using #hdglive, live streams will be projected above the performers, adding a layer of virtual dialogue between audience and performers, and also expanding the audience to anyone in the world with access to the live video stream via their Facebook page, and going to

When: April 28-29 @ 8:00pm
Where: Oklahoma Contemporary

3000 General Pershing Blvd
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Tickets at the door and online:

  at bottom of page 
For live streaming go to your
  Facebook page then to #hdglive   GET YOUR TICKETS HERE

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