Friday, May 4, 2018


The Oklahoma City Philharmonic announces the postponement of Maestro Joel Levine's May 12 farewell concert. Maestro Levine, or Joel as he is widely and affectionately known, was diagnosed in the fall with early stage cancer. The cumulative effects of the chemo treatment over the past several months have proven more challenging than anticipated, and he has decided it best to allow himself plenty of time for recovery.
 The Philharmonic will announce the new concert date, anticipated to be in fall of 2018, once the calendars for Joel, the orchestra and the Civic Center Music Hall can be aligned. All season and single tickets for this event will be valid for the rescheduled date.
Says Eddie Walker, Executive Director of the Philharmonic, "These are tough moments and decisions, with many factors to consider, and postponing any concert is clunky, at best. But our primary desire was to allow Joel plenty of time to build back the strength to fully enjoy his finale. To simply 'carry on' with a concert on the night that was to have been his celebrated farewell just didn't seem right."

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