Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ailey's Solomon Dumas
Photo by Eduardo Patino
By Nancy Condit

This Saturday, March 26th at 8 p. the nationally ranked Ailey II Dance Company will close Black Liberated Arts Center (BLAC), Inc.’s 40th season in the new Douglass High School auditorium, 900 Martin Luther King.

Ailey II embodies Alvin Ailey’s pioneering mission to establish an extended cultural community that provides dance performances, training and community programs for all people using the beauty and humanity of the African American heritage and other cultures to unite people of all races, ages and backgrounds.  From the press release.

“BLAC, Inc.’s annual season of performing arts includes music (jazz, blues, classical, old school, gospel and spiritual), dance and theater.  Our season offerings are the most diverse of any arts organization and so is our programming, including history, heritage and cultural projects,” said Anita Arnold, executive director to
dance, art & OKC.blogspot.com.

Why does BLAC offer dance performances as part of their season?

“BLAC, Inc. supports dance because it is art, it is an art form that is expression in motion, people love it, it can be very spiritual as any other art form, and I like it.”

Tickets are $30 for general admission and $60 for reserved seating and the VIP reception.
For group discounts, senior and student discounts, contact BLAC, Inc. at 524-3800.  Tickets are on sale now from BLAC, Inc. or the following ticket outlets: Capitol Square Station, Charlie’s Jazz, Rhythm and Blues Store, Hopkins Haircare, KM66, or Learning Tree Toy Store.

c. Nancy Condit

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