Tuesday, March 8, 2011


"King of Birds" digital pigment print photograph
by Kahn & Selesnick, 2008. Photo c. by Nancy Condit

[Artspace} at Untitled continues its show The Print through this Saturday, March 12, from its collection of prints, both from plate prints to digital process prints, and prints from the recently acquired Photographic Society of America’s collection of nearly 5,000 prints.

Left, "Untitled," ca. l950's, Bramoil,
right, "Othello," 1949, color pigment,
both by William Mortenson
Photo c. by Nancy Condit

The exhibit includes prints from Robert Rauschenburg to Kiki Smith and a wide variety of processes, including state of the art digital pigment prints by Kahn & Selesnick and Jason Middlebrook.
The prints included those which used to be created by transferring ink from a matrix or through a prepared screen to a sheet of paper or other material, resulting in an impression, to today’s prints that include the rise of “digital” printing techniques, which is transforming the medium and the use of new materials for prints, writes Jon Burris, executive director.
This show sets the tone for Untitled’s programming for the coming year – works on paper, primarily printmaking and photography with a variety of workshops, lectures and exhibits.
The [Press] at Untitled was created by [Artspace] at Untitled’s founder, Laura Warriner, who is also a printmaker.  On the second floor of the building is a 4,000 square foot studio, fully equipped to handle production for a variety of printmaking processes and to accommodate students and visiting artists.
Hours are Tuesday – Friday 10 to 6, and Saturday . The address is
1 N.W. 3rd Street
From [Artspace] at Untitled sources.  Photos taken by and c. by Nancy Condit

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