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Batsheva Dance Company to perform in Tulsa.
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By Nancy Condit

Choregus Productions in Tulsa presented the dazzling Mark Morris Dance Group in early February, and is set to offer the well thought of Israeli Batsheva Dance Group on March 15 at in the intimate Williams Theatre in the Tulsa Performing Arts Center.

At the end of the Mark Morris Dance Group, the woman across the aisle commented that the program was over very quickly.  If it’s true that the better a program is, the response is “That’s all?”  to the Mark Morris Dance Group is that it was outstanding.  Morris’ choreography was excellent not only in what he said in dance, but in what his company danced. The pieces, except for “Going Away Party” to  Bob Willis and his Texas Playboys, were abstract rather than story-telling.

Two moves that stick in this reviewer’s mind.  The two dancers spinning in small circles within the larger circle of dancers was like watching extraordinary watch works.  This reviewer suspects that this was in “Silhouettes,” to music by Richard Cumming. The other was the dancer who wobbled from side to side in a sinuous shimmy from head to foot and back up again as the company in “Silhouettes” danced, stage left, to the side of the company.  This reviewer suspects that they were in “Grand Duo,” to a composition by Lou Harrison. Morris’ musicality is extraordinary from the program’s beginning, but  particulaly in the last section of “Grand Duo” – “Polka.”

For a taste of Morris, follow this link to auditioning dancers to "Polka"

Except for “Going Away Party,” to recordings by Willis, all the music was live by his piano and violin ensemble, Colin Fowler and Joanna Frankel.

The nest program is Batsheva Dance Company, which has been critically acclaimed and popularly embraced as one of the most exciting contemporary dance companies in the world, reads the statement from the press release.. In its current repertory focusing on works by Ohad Naharin, Batsheva has won praise for fearless, full-bodied, movingly honest performances. Naharin, who assumed the role of Artistic Director in 1990, has propelled the company into a new era with his adventurous curatorial vision, distinctive choreographic voice, and revolutionary movement language, Gaga. Choregus Productions is proud to be one of only nine presenters chosen to host the company on this rare tour of the United States.

The company will be performing “Max” and “Bolero.” on March 15 at 8 p.

This link will lead you to a sneak peak of Naharin's "Max"

The Tulsa Performing Arts Center is at 110 East 2nd Street, Tulsa .  The entrance to the Williams Theatre is on the opposite side of the main entrance.  There is a lot of construction in Tulsa – not as much as Oklahoma City. Tulsa's 911 actually will patiently direct you to and from the center if need be.  For tickets, call the Choregus ticket office, 918.688.6112, from l0 a. to 5 p. Monday – Friday.  Tickets usually run around $40.   

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