Saturday, March 17, 2012


By Nancy Condit

“Stomp” opened at the Civic Center Tuesday night with the sound of rhythmic brushes on the stage floor, and progressed through an evening of sounds made from everyday found objects and street tap to produce wonderfully energetic and impeccably timed Broadway show in dance and rhythm. Remaining performances include matinees Saturday the 17th and Sunday the 18th at , and evening performances Saturday at and Sunday at

The sold out house loved the routines, whether they were sliding on trash can lids across the stage floor, using broom sticks to beat out a tattoo in cudgel routines – including tossing them in the air to partners across the stage, or drumming on trash cans. 
The favorites were back – stainless steel sinks slung around dancers’ necks on bungee cords, while they tapped, scraped their nails on the bottom, and finally splashed water on the stage.
The humor that lit up the evening was especially apparent when one man tried to read a newspaper.  He was joined by one dancer, then another, until, one by one, other newspapers where shaken out, and there was a cacophony of coughs. At the end of one tap number where trash can lids were used as shields and weapons in a clashing dance, one lone dancer clutched two to cover himself, like a burlesque dancer – he was full clothed.

What worked quite well as a show ending when the performers turned an actors’ exercise of a round of sounds, with fingers tapping together, then hands clapping, then thighs, then feet tapping, and so on, with one of the dancers pointing to the audience for their participation.  They led the two sides of the Civic Center audience in different handclaps, achieving syncopation. This let the cast involve the audience, and, when the audience applauded for an encore, they were content with a number that satisfyingly closed the evening for the audience.

 Tickets may be purchased via phone (800) 869-1451, (405) 297-2264, in person at the Civic Center Music Hall Box Office or online at

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