Thursday, May 31, 2012


By Nancy Condit

   RACE ED will educate the audience through their annual spring performance -- with an after party, on June 1st at 8:00 PM at the Historic Oklahoma City Farmers' Market, 311 S. Klein Ave, in Oklahoma City.  RACE is the only professional jazz dance company in Oklahoma.
   "We are about educating through dance -- seeing the different genres and races of dances and seeing something that is good," said Hui Cha Poos, director.
   Oklahoma City’s Farmers Market will convert into a full Theatre with an impressive stage, state of the art lighting and sound for Race-Ed, then transform into a dance floor for the Race Dance/After Party until 12:00AM. The address is 311 S. Klein Ave.
    The audience is invited to stay and dance with the cast, crew and choreographers until midnight. Light appetizers and DJs will be provided. A full cash bar is available all evening. Tickets are available at or at the door one hour before the show, open at 7:00 PM.
   Performers will be Race Dancers, Jr. Race Dancers, World dance representatives, including Flamenco, Traditional Korean, Traditional Burlesque and Baliwood styles by local dance groups.  Also guest appearing are local comedians, singers, and Djs. 
Race Director: Hui Cha Poos

Race Choreographers: Jennifer Martinez Stevenson, Emily South, Kim Loveridge, John Ariete

Operations Manager: Jamie Crone

Costume Manager: Tasha Hinex

Race Company Members: Allison High, Amanda Beard, Brandi Gable, Katelyn Wren, Rachel Parks, Tasha Hinex, Christine Soileau

Race Apprentices: Jamie Crone, Christine Riesenweber, Chanel Roland

Jr. Race: Kara Mickle, Natalie Horner, Kaitlin Speer, Mina Chong, Makenzie Miller & Kaitlyn Lutz

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