Monday, December 31, 2012


By Nancy Condit

Oklahoma City is lucky enough to have four professional dance companies -- all presenting worthy levels of dance, and all deserving end of the year donations. There is one other organization worth considering, the Infant Crisis Center. For those who have little or no discretionary funds, check free venues including the May Festival of the Arts, the downtown noon performances, library performances. For those who would like to participate, there is volunteering.

These four companies have made Oklahoma City dance important enough for a state wide magazine -- AAA's Home and Away -- to cover it in its Nov/Dec. issue,, written by this author.

Their dance styles are as varied as their performance spaces: the Civic Center -- OKC Ballet, an intimate downtown studio space -- The Hartel Dance Group, college stages -- Perpetual Motion dance Company, and RACE -- at venues ranging from the Old Farmers Market to a high school auditorium.

The Hartel Dance Group is a dance theater production company focused on developing dramatic forms of physical expression and expanding the dance audience. For the Hartel Dance Group, go to

The Oklahoma City Ballet company focuses on all forms of ballet, from classical to contemporary.
They can be reached online at and clicking on the Support tab.

The modern and aerial dance troupe Perpetual Motion modern Dance Company can be reached at

RACE Dance Company is the only professional jazz dance company in Oklahoma, and recently presented "A Hip-Hop Nutcracker." The company is "bringing about social awareness and change through dance performances and dance education." To donate, go to This page is current for donations.

Infant Crisis Services provides formula, food, diapers and clothes to at-risk infants and toddlers during the first 48 months of life. While their online website, -- click on Support.

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