Friday, December 14, 2012


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On October 26, Untitled premiered the very special exhibition, E.CO. This important and timely show is being presented by the Ministry of Culture of Spain, the Embassy of Spain, and the Spain-USA Foundation, in conjunction with [Artspace] at Untitled.

Curated by Claudi Carreras, this exhibition brings together photographic projects by twelve European and Latin American photographic collectives, each tasked with crafting a visual essay about one of the most important topics of our day, the environment. Free of direction, the collectives each defined “environment” for themselves. The resulting total of 102 photographs reflect the interests and concerns of each individual group and nation, as well as the working process of each collective. With this premise, each collective freely chose the topics and locations of their project. Thus, the exhibition is a sample of the most pressing environmental problems, in the countries where the collectives are operating. At the same time, it’s a way to understand the peculiarities of teamwork and its modes of representation within the context of the presentation of contemporary art dealing with a specific theme.

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