Monday, October 24, 2016

Magic Lantern Celebration on Paseo 
by Theatre Upon a StarDanceSwan

                                                          Photos by Skip Largent

The Paseo Arts District is inviting children and their parents to the Magic Lantern Celebration held on Sunday, October 30 from 3:00 to 6:15 p.m.  Children and their creativity make an enchanting combination for this event. Artists on Paseo ask all ages to twist paper, paste, parade, and have fun doing it. The Magic Lantern Celebration has been a part of the community for 16 years and is now a seasonal tradition offering children a hands-on multi-layered afternoon of making art. Building paper costumes and parading in a painted Jack ‘o Lantern on the street brings the celebration to life.

Inspired by the verse, ‘We are all Magic Lanterns lit by the Light of Imagination’,
children themselves are the Magic Lanterns.  Their own creative sparks light up so that their minds, fingers and feet construct this event.

Children of all ages can wear their everyday clothing to Paseo. On Paseo, they must be ready to surprise themselves. Waiting are all kinds of paper to be folded, crumpled, ruffled, stapled, glued and embellished into wearable art.  Children can construct paper pieces intended to be worn over their clothing.  Costumes are made using simple techniques that provide a spontaneous variety of possibilities.

Discovering and doing are the ingredients needed to become fascinated, delighted and charmed by this event. Children and their parents can walk from studio to studio where unusual possibilities are found to make costumes. Hats can be designed from collage materials and recycled bits of fancy. Faces can be made to sparkle from behind transparent masks and Pumpkin Portraits can be evolved from real natural materials. This is an opportunity for parents to share in the problem solving of their children’s constructions.  Helping hands and brainstorming are an important part of this creative process.  Parental assistance is welcomed and necessary depending on the age and needs of each participating child.

Children are asked to share a wish at the Grand Finale of the Magic Lantern Celebration.  Throughout the afternoon Wish Finders beckon children to make a wish about ‘A Time of Light Instead of Fright.’ These wishes are shared during the Pumpkin Parade, the final gathering at the end of the afternoon. Everyone comes into the street where they are invited to parade on a painted path in the shape of a Jack ’O Lantern Pumpkin. Steve McLinn, Ojas Music, offers his original live music as the dancers of Theatre Upon a StarDanceSwan inspire all children to spin, sparkle and follow the spiral path.

All costume making activities start at 3:00 and end at 5:45 p.m.  The Pumpkin Parade is from 5:45 to 6:15 pm. Lorrie Keller, director of Theatre Upon a StarDanceSwan and founder of this event says, “There is not a right or wrong way to participate in this event, we are in the flow of creative time. Children and parents can make pieces for their costume in all activities, or stay in one place and make one piece if they wish. I want, however, to encourage parents to plan the afternoon, so that they take part in the Costume Pumpkin Parade at the end. Music and dance enchant the whole experience.”

Rain or shine, the costume making activities are from 3 to 5:45 p.m. The Pumpkin Parade is at 5:45 p.m.  Children must be accompanied by an adult. Activities are held on the north end of Paseo at 30th and Dewey. This part of the street will be closed for safe walking from studio to studio and the Parade at the end of the event. Participating studios are Theatre Upon a StarDanceSwan, Paseo Art Space, Rainbow Fleet, and Paseo Pottery. All activities are free to the public. Donations are accepted to help cover the costs of the event. The Magic Lantern is made possible through support of the State Arts Council of Oklahoma, the Paseo Arts Association and Theatre Upon a StarDanceSwan.  For information call the Paseo Arts Association at 525-2688, or go to

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