Monday, May 20, 2013


As of Monday, 5/20 at 3:00 pm CST: Brightmusic regrets that it must postpone, once again, the performance of Concert 2 that we had re-set for 7:30 pm tonight.  Concert 2 was originally scheduled for yesterday afternoon at 4:00.  In light of Saturday's 48-hour weather forecast, we postponed Concert 2 until this evening.  Unfortunately, today's weather seems to be giving a repeat performance of what it did yesterday -- with variations, to be sure -- but still posing significant weather risks.  While it is possible that the OKC metro will be relatively clear by concert time tonight, we just don't feel comfortable requiring our musicians, and inviting our audiences, to take the risks of attending a 7:30 performance of Concert 2 tonight. 
We may be able to perform Concert 2 on Wednesday evening.  (Unfortunately, we can't split up Concert 2, adding part of it to Concert 3 and part of it to Concert 4.)  We will let you know just as soon as we can about the performing Concert 2 on Wednesday evening.  In the meantime, Concert 3 remains scheduled for 7:30 pm on Tuesday night at All Souls' Episcopal Church, and Concert 4 for 7:30 pm on Thursday night, also at All Souls'.  The weather demons must not like Schubert as much as all of us do. 

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