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Water Won't Wait is an all new and original production featuring Perpetual Motion's signature blend of stunning visuals and technical ingenuity as it delves into the fear, despair, and courage inspired by the unalterable current of time.  The Oklahoma City company's most challenging piece in its eleven-year history debuts at its annual spring performance and will be joined by the touring Fresno Dance Collective presenting a selection from their own full length concert. The programs are May 17 at 8 p.m. until May 19 at 4 p.m. at Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center, formerly City Arts Center.

The title, Water Won't Wait, emerged from conversations between Artistic Director, Michelle Moeller and Aerial Arts Director, Kimberly Kieffer, who both recently experienced major life changes. "The choreographers are using the classical elements water, earth, and air to delve into the theme of change.  More time has also been afforded to exploration during the rehearsal process than previous years due to the addition of ambitious new elements like two suspended iron bridges and a rotating cube that drips sand as the dancers interact with it," Michelle Dexter, artistic director of Perpetual Motion, wrote in an email.

Sneak preview:

The FresNO Dance COllective is Central California’s resident professional modern dance company. 
Fresno Dance Collective (NOCO) is a is a non-profit organization founded in 2010 to help produce Fresno dance artists and companies, develop emerging dance talent, and enrich the arts in the Fresno metropolitan area by fostering collaboration and embracing diversity.

In addition to the stage choreography, Perpetual Motion is collaborating with local filmmaker K Edward Van Osdol to create a series of dance films to be interwoven throughout the concert.
Tickets are $18 -- $15 in advance -- for adults, $10 for students/seniors, and $8 for children under 12. They can be purchased at or at the door one hour before the show.

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